The Human Advisor

Cathy Curtis – Building a company that speaks to your ideal client

Episode Summary

It’s not about how many clients you have, it’s about how well you serve the right clients. Cathy Curtis of Curtis Financial Planning built her practice for the audience she wants to work with. Her brand speaks directly to her clients' needs, and by defining and understanding her target audience, she’s built a thriving business that truly helps people. In this episode, you’ll learn how to define your brand to attract the right clientele, what it means to serve wealth management clients, and develop content that matters to the right people. Everyone has a story about what money means to them. When someone sits down in your office, it’s so much more than doing business. Your client comes to you with some of their core beliefs about success, identity, legacy, and relationship. The Human Advisor Podcast is dedicated to changing the conversation from how big a financial advisor’s book of business is to how well do they take care of their clients and actually help people. There’s a new breed of modern advisors who want to make a difference and do something meaningful. And in our series, we’re telling their stories.

Episode Notes

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07:03 – Cathy explains why she only works with women

17:40 – Building a brand that your clients care about

20:10 – Connecting with the right people

31:26 – Integrating technology into your practice

36:04 – Giving back to the community

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