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Dasarte Yarnway – Against the Odds: Overcoming adversity and racism in the financial industry

Episode Summary

At only 7 years old, young Dasarte’s first experience with money was watching his parents file for bankruptcy. A moment like this could have devastating consequences for a child, but for Dasarte, it triggered something else. “I think once you set your mind on a definite goal, the world stands aside to watch you pass.” In this episode of The Human Advisor, host Tyrone Ross heads to San Francisco to chat with Dasarte Yarnway, Founder of Berknell Financial. Dasarte gets candid about facing adversity and racism in the financial industry, and how he overcomes the barriers to scale his business and better serve his clients. 

Episode Notes

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8:30 - From Liberia to San Francisco: Dasarte shares the ancestral journey that inspired his future.

12:15 - The defining moment that changed Dasarte’s life. 

30:00 - Breaking the barriers around racism and rising above stereotypes.

38:00 - Past, present, and future of Berknell Financial.

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