The Human Advisor

Justin Castelli & Taylor Schulte – Growing together through community

Episode Summary

When we work together, we succeed together. Justin Castelli and Taylor Schulte are helping advisors be and do better through the Advisor Growth Community. The community welcomes advisors from all backgrounds and fosters a positive environment with open conversations to help professionals learn and grow with one another. In this episode, you'll learn how a successful community is built, marketing best practices, and how to find your own voice to share in the advisor space. Everyone has a story about what money means to them. When someone sits down in your office, it’s so much more than doing business. Your client comes to you with some of their core beliefs about success, identity, legacy, and relationship. The Human Advisor Podcast is dedicated to changing the conversation from how big a financial advisor’s book of business is to how well do they take care of their clients and actually help people. There’s a new breed of modern advisors who want to make a difference and do something meaningful. And in our series, we’re telling their stories.

Episode Notes

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02:00 – It all starts with the community.

18:30 – Incorporating technology and embracing a digital future.

23:00 – Why giving is essential for business growth.

41:27 – Best marketing practices for building your brand and sharing your story.

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