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Russell Kroeger – Leveraging technology to scale business and serve clients better

Episode Summary

“It's all about empowering people with the right financial tools before they have wealth.” In this episode, host Tyrone Ross heads to San Francisco’s Financial District to meet up with Russell Kroeger, Partner and Financial Planner at Upstart Wealth Management. Russell lets us in on his uncommon approach for growth, advising clients, and with a large Silicon Valley client base, he also discusses the impact of fintech on the industry and what still needs to improve.

Episode Notes


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05:55 - Letting your personal journey fuel your professional journey.

11:18 - From the east side to the west side, the road that led to San Francisco's Financial District.

16:00 - Honoring a father’s legacy, Russell shares how his late father shaped his outlook on life.

23:00 - Preparing younger generations for financial success.

33:00 - Empowering your clients to take control of their financial journey.

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